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The success of Washington WAACCA is dependent upon financial assistance from distributors, contractors and industry partners who support our mission & vision. Please consider a sponsorship and help protect our industry.

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Our Mission

Washington WAACCA exists to educate businesses about technology and other resources to ensure their success, as well as support legislatively the HVACR industry, ensuring consumer quality and contractor success

Our Vision

We are committed to improving the industry by providing the tools our members need to succeed in the industry. Thus, we expect our members to be professional, knowledgeable and friendly contractors & distributors performing exceptional work and providing quality service to their customers.

Our Values

Each of our members shall maintain the highest ethical standards of selling, advertising, pricing, installation and service, guided by the principles of honesty and integrity.

The Importance of a Presence in Olympia

Washington WAACCA is the only HVAC industry association to have a watchdog presence in Olympia. Through our lobbying efforts, we have the opportunity to find out about the things that go on in legislation that burden our small businesses in enough time to be able to rise up and fight against them. There is always some entity trying to push an issue that could have a negative or devastating impact on our livelihood. Without this presence in Olympia we wouldn’t know about these issues until it’s too late.

Legislative Victories!

In addition to the annual battles at the Legislature where we have stopped overreaching regulation of the HVACR industry time and time again, we also monitor the State Building Code Council. Through this effort, we have stopped things like mandatory duct sealing and pushed practical solutions to energy efficiency issues that actually work for our customers. Additionally, we’ve been successful in our lobbying efforts to the Washington State Utilities and Transportation Commission, where we have been fully engaged in the fight against monopoly utilities trying to invade the robust free market of the HVAC industry.

Your Member Benefits:

  • Bi-monthly education meetings and access to training
  • Industry trend awareness
  • Access to industry resources
  • Networking & social events
  • Community involvement
  • Assist our members with issues
  • with state regulatory agencies such as L&I and Employment Security
  • Political presence in Olympia
  • Independent Business Association (IBA) Membership included

Become a Member!

Washington WAACCA is an action-oriented,professional association that offers quality, affordable benefits to its members, including education and training to better your business.Your membership and sponsorships go toward keeping this vitally important association alive and well. Your support allows us the funds to be able to continue to fight the good fight.